A Mobile App Development and Responsive Web Design Studio
We are agile.
GeilDanke is an agile creative technology studio. We're specialized in effective web development with a focus on innovation, performance, usability and content. Our projects are mobile-friendly always, our solutions elegant and simple. We believe in web standards and a web for everybody. Reliability and maintainability are inherent parts of our working ethics. That's why we practice agile workflows and a test-driven development process. Working remotely means that we can work with the best experts from anywhere.
Who we are.
Michaela Lehr

Michaela Lehr
Executive Partner Creation

Michaela is GeilDanke's creative front-end developer and UX designer. Working in the tech industry for over five years, she constantly fights for the user's interests or the importance of logically consistent stylesheets. In her free time she enjoys reading a lot of books, practicing yoga, surfing and knitting.

„Digitales Publizieren für Tablets: Magazin-Apps mit InDesign für iPad, Android & Co.“
„Adobe Digital Publishing Suite: Apps entwickeln mit InDesign und HTML5 - inklusive Prozessoptimierung und Profi-Tipps aus der Praxis“
React Conf 2017, Santa Clara
JSConf Australia 2016, Melbourne
EnterJS 2016 „Erste Schritte mit Angular 2: Components, Directives, Templates“
Pubkon 2014 „HTML und CSS für Designer / HTML & CSS for designers“
Medienplantage 2014 „Digital Publishing: Was Print-Designer von Web-Designern lernen können“
Typographie Workshop 2015 „Digitale Magazine erstellen“
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WebVR Comet
SitePoint Article "Building a Full-Sphere 3D Image Gallery with React VR"
SitePoint Article "Build Your Own Chrome Extension Using Angular 2 & TypeScript"
SitePoint Article "Creating a WebGL Game with Unity 5 and JavaScript"
Interview Junge Gründer
Elektrischer Reporter, ZDF info
Open Source

Richard Brammer
Executive Partner Technology

Richard is GeilDanke's lead strategist and full stack web developer. With almost twenty years of experiences in web development, he finds a solution to every challenge. In private you can listen to him talking about Star Wars for hours and hours or find him traveling the world, hiking and surfing.

„Digitales Publizieren für Tablets: Magazin-Apps mit InDesign für iPad, Android & Co.“
„Adobe Digital Publishing Suite: Apps entwickeln mit InDesign und HTML5 - inklusive Prozessoptimierung und Profi-Tipps aus der Praxis“
Pubkon 2013: „Digital Mobile Publishing für Tablets und Smartphones“
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Meet us.

Continuously we are learning more. We visit conferences, meetups and bar camps. Will you be on one of the upcoming conferences, too? We would love to meet you.

How we work.


Reliability and high quality are our most important goals. That's why we work with clearly defined processes, not only when we work with code. Every potential client or partner receives a detailed offer and an order confirmation before the project starts. We always work agile – sprint-based with Scrum or with various releases with Kanban. Besides that we care about privacy and data security.

Nobody's perfect. That's why we established a continous improvement process, so we can build on our experiences and improve the quality of our work constantly. Our method reflects in our general terms and conditions, The Geil,Danke! Reliability Manifesto. You can read the Manifesto in a new tab here (german version).


Our high expectations in reliability and quality are reflected in our development process. We focus on maintainability to allow a project to grow. We emphasize clean code, clearly defined code-conventions and a good documenation.

We work with established build and deployment processes, test-driven development and contiuous integration. We fix bugs before implementing new features. And we foster data and code cleansing methods.


Whenever we work on products and projects, we improve the usability. To design and implement an outstanding user experience is our primary motive.

We work design-driven and continuously increase our knowledge. Advanced trainings and the exploration of new technologies are the foundation for our consulting services, workshops, talks and UX design assignments.

What we do.
  • Languages

    • HTML
    • CSS, Sass, Scss, Less
    • JavaScript, TypeScript
    • Elixir
  • Frameworks

    • ReactJS, Vue, AngularJS, Angular
    • React Native
    • Phoenix
    • Cordova, Phonegap
  • Concepts

    • Test-driven Development (TDD)
    • REST, REST-ful API, JSON
    • MVC, MVVM
    • Scrum, Kanban, Feature-based Programming
    • Transitions and animations with JavaScript and CSS

* We also know Web Components, WebVR, WebGL, Canvas, Web Audio, SVG, PostgreSQL, Unity, MonoScript, C#

What matters to us.

The environment, nature and all living beings lie at the heart. That reflects in how we run our company, of course.

  • Our devices consume certified renewable energy only.
  • Our MacBooks are refurbished.
  • We sell unused devices or recycle them.
  • We write efficient code, that saves energy.
  • We contribute to open source projects like Podlove.
  • We care about privacy, data security and SSL encryption.
  • Whenever possible we support local stores and go without buying on Amazon.
  • Preferably we travel by train using renewable energy.
  • Whenever flights cannot be avoided, we compensate for the carbon offset.
  • We work almost completely without paper. Our printer is a relict from a different time.
  • We don't buy paper books, but read them on e-readers.
  • Both in privat and work-related we are minimalists and consume products and services consciously.
  • Whenever possible we eat plant-based.